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Eve Provides Excitement Through Uncommon And Unique Experiences
The allure of forbidden things is the inspiration behind Eve`s new addition to its experience offerings. Since Adam and Eve indulge themselves with a forbidden fruit, adu Ayam bangkok the fascination of people about \"forbidden\" things has yet to be satisfied and this explains why Eve is eager to use this as a means to stir the interests of their guests.
\"People often get excited with the idea of forbidden fruit especially when it is linked with experiences\", says Jules Kragen, president and co-founder of Eve Tel Aviv. \"There is just something about the label that gets people expecting exotic and quirky things\", adds Kragen. These experiences have nothing to do with red light districts but Eve`s guests often come back for more. \"Forbidden fruit is more about introducing our guests to local activities that are not at all common, a totally new experience for first time Tel Aviv tourists\", says Kragen.
Eve holiday apartments in Tel Aviv offers vacation rentals that are strategically located in known neighborhoods in the city.
Eve is secretive about its \"forbidden fruit\" experiences so there is no actual catalogue for these activities on the company`s website. Ron Katz, managing partner of Eve Tel Aviv shares, \"We fit these unique local experiences to the preferences of our guests so if one of them is interested in let`s say cults or spirit possession rituals or we`ve even been asked for cockfighting.\" These exciting local experiences provide an out of the box cultural immersion for travelers. The Forbidden Fruit activities push Eve`s experience offerings up a notch. \"Our common line-up of experiences is often what our guests are really into but the forbidden fruits are for those who want to dig deeper into the local culture\", says Kragen.
Eve Tel Aviv is first and foremost a vacation apartment rental company. It is one of the best in the business but it is not only helping people stay in beautiful apartments but it also provides for experiences that come with the rented apartment. This unique proposition adds value to the stay of Eve`s guests. The Forbidden Fruit is a means to enhance and build on Eve`s holiday rental format. \"The forbidden fruit is essentially a free pass to the very core of the local culture. Guests are given a glimpse of the real picture of local life, an attempt to discover things very few travelers can have a chance to discover and experience on their own\", explains Kragen.
Eve is a company that has been renting out apartments since 2007. It now operates in Tel Aviv and remains focused in providing guests with exemplary accommodation that is a just a stone throw`s away from the most exciting places in Tel Aviv. What guests get is not just a place to stay but a vacation hub that is perfectly located near the city`s most exciting local activities.
Jules Kragen has worked in the travel, and T&E sectors for three decades. His early experience was with STA travel where he worked as a travel agent. Later he formed a joint venture with CTM, a travel data. His articles are mainly focused on Tel Aviv vacation rentals
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